Umm can you say “safe word”? #OMG #kinky #theshityoufindonanisland #awkwardturtle

One of the best bday cards around! #taylorswift #musicalcard #fearless



best loophole ever 


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Cause darling it was good

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Tom Cochrane with Red Rider was awesome! :) #RockTheShores2014 #victoria #canadianrocklegend #stillcanthear

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Josh Ramsay: So if someone doesnt know what band I'm from-but they know that I'm like, in a band or whatever- I'll say something stupid in response. And we were on a plane and this girl was like "Hey, hey, what band are you from?" And I was like "I'm the lead singer of Aerosmith" and then she started freaking out and i kind of started laughing because obviously I'm not Steven Tyler and her parents were laughing because they understood. And then we got off the plane and I went to get my suitcase and she came up to me and said "Ok, I know who you are now, can I have a picture with you?" And I was like "Ok." So she takes a picture with me and then turns and she's like "Fall Out Boy."
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This shows up on my dash like once a month and it’s funny every time.

This is still my favorite comic holy shit

The username he goes by is Matt_Rat and his comics are fucking hilarious

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